{The Talbot Girls}

On the eve of sending my baby to kindergarten, I feel filled with excitement for her and fear for the total change that is about to happen.

As we tucked her in to bed tonight and said a special prayer for her school year, I feel like I tucked in my tiny little baby and she’s going to wake up a big girl. All I can do is wish and hope and pray that she stays my sweet, thoughtful, compassionate and fun little girl!

These two girls are my whole heart and my whole world!

June 12, 2016{June + Molly}June 12, 2016{June + Molly}-4June 12, 2016{June + Molly}-10June 12, 2016{June + Molly}-2June 12, 2016{June + Molly}-5June 12, 2016{June + Molly}-3June 12, 2016{June + Molly}-7June 12, 2016{June + Molly}-6June 12, 2016{June + Molly}-12June 12, 2016{June + Molly}-11June 12, 2016{June + Molly}-9June 12, 2016{June + Molly}-13

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